Booking engine features

A commission free* hotel and BNB booking and property management tool to integrate into your existing site
or to a site we design for you.

* excluding any bank charges. Find out more


Online payment methods through the reservation system

We can integrate your bank's payment solution, or an online banking solution, as desired. Most often, the rates of our banking partner Stripe are more advantageous than those of traditional banks (we do not have a commercial relationship with this company). Stripe is a financial organization that is responsible for collecting payments by credit card and returning the amounts to the bank account of your choice. This solution has the advantage of being easy to use, very reliable and secure and of offering the rapid opening of an account 100% online.

The prices for this solution vary between 0% and approximately 2.9% of the amount: it depends on the strategy you have chosen for online payment . Stripe invoices only the amounts passing through their platform. In this way:

  • The simple card fingerprinting is not commissioned. The customer enters his credit card details at the time of booking but will not be charged. You will be able to find your customer's banking information (without the numbers) on your Stripe account and debit the card on time, whenever you want, from your website or from Stripe, for the desired amount. The fingerprinting can thus be used both to subsequently debit the amount of the reservation as well as the amount of the deposit.
  • The partial or total debit of the amount of the reservation is commissioned at 1.4% of this amount for credit cards / Visa / Mastercard issued in the European Union, and up to 2.9% for cards issued outside the EU.
The reservation system that we set up allows you to freely choose your method of validating the reservation: fixed amount, percentage of the total amount of the reservation, number of nights, simple fingerprinting ...

Calendar synchronization

Do not risk any over-booking or duplicate bookings thanks to the automatic connection of the calendars of your rooms, apartments or properties with OTAs. The connection is made in both directions, and OTA bookings (like the ones from AIRBNB or BOOKING.COM)  are displayed on the property manager, only visible by you!

Multilingual support

The booking system can be translated into as many languages as needed.  

Centralization of all your bookings

All bookings, whether they come from the website or another platform, are displayed on your dashboard

Payment gateways

Payment gateways are numerous and the booking engine is compatible with online banks as well as “traditional” banks

Rates can be thoroughly configured

The great flexibility in the rate setting tool allows you to use seasonal rates, fixed rates and special rates for each accommodation. Prices may also depend on the number and type of guests, type of guest, length of stay, day of arrival, etc

Billing of fees and additional services

You can add as many optional services and costs, billed or not, per accommodation. This includes for example: VAT invoicing, cleaning costs, car rental, airport pick-up service, bedding, pets, etc.

Coupons, Discounts

With a few clicks, you have the possibility to add, remove and send a coupon or discount.

Booking rules

Set up reservation rules – inter-dependent or not on (for example): Minimum length of stay, (depending or not on) Number of travelers, (depending or not on) seasonality. .. etc.

An “all in one” booking engine

PMS, 100% independent and commission free hotel, bed and breakfast – guest house booking engine and property management system

Tailor-made for small and medium-sized structures


The PMS – channel manager that we offer is ideal for small and medium-sized accommodation structures such as hotels with up to thirty rooms, lodges, guest rooms, BNB and apartments. The property management interface is directly integrated into the website and depends on no third party company to function. Thus, you can adjust your rates, edit invoices and have them automatically sent, manage the arrival calendar, modify the texts and photos of your accommodation – and much more – from the same interface.

In order to avoid overbooking, all accommodations synchronize with OTAs such as Booking, Airbnb, Homelidays, etc. And that’s not all: all bookings taken by these OTAs outside the site will also show up on your dashboard!

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