Set up a PPC SEA campaign Adwords – Google Ads & Facebook ads for your accommodations

SEA – pay per clic “Adwords” or “Google Ads” is a strategy allowing to appear very quickly at the top of the results of Google searches for certain keywords, regardless of any so-called “natural” ranking, specific to the domain.

This strategy will be used in the short or long term in a different way, depending on the strategy of the hotel / tourism structure



A paid marketing strategy for your hotel or tourist structure


The Google Ads referencing allows you to highlight your establishment on Google very quickly and to convert customers directly to your site. In this very competitive sector, customers spend a lot of time comparing offers before making their final reservation. A tourist structure, whether it is an independent hotel establishment or a member of a hotel chain, a travel agency or a tour operator, must have a thoughtful and budgeted strategy in order to have a positive impact. on its visibility and conversion rate. An Adwords budget will allow you to quickly and in a controlled manner generate direct conversions on your website.

The paid referencing strategy can be done in two methods: via the “classic” search network of google (Google searches via the search bar) and / or via the “display network” of Google, which represents all the ancillary media on which advertisers broadcast their ads: Youtube, online media sites, blogs …

In the SEO Google Ads campaign, the search engine will be remunerated at “cost per click” (CPC). This method is based on an auction system. Each advertiser defines their budget. These are compared and evaluated against the daily budget that the advertiser (hotel, restaurant, travel agency) wishes to spend. This cost per click – the auction won – varies a lot depending on the competitiveness of the location and the sector. This can range, for the hotel and catering sector, from a few cents to several tens of euros. Most of the time, the cost per click is between $ 0.5 and $ 2