“A combination targeted and thoughtful actions in order to act positively on the final ranking in search engines. “

Natural referencing is an art that has evolved over the years with the changes made by search engines to their tools . Whether it concerns a hotel website, restaurant, a tourism structure already created or a site that will soon see the light of day, the effects of referencing actions are generally not seen for several weeks. Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has two distinct parts

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SEO on your site

This is the part of natural referencing that is present and visible on the site, developed during the creation of the website and individually when adding pages and texts. This phase of natural referencing aims to facilitate navigation as much as possible by acting on multiple parameters:

  • Optimization of texts by evaluating the percentage of keywords used compared to the total volume of words and words overall compared to the amount of code on the page. This is a crucial step, among the most important for optimal natural referencing.
  • Resizing and compressing photos on the site in order to reduce their size and loading time.
  • Website caching to serve content faster to the client by reducing the physical distance between server and player (CDN) and reducing requests to the server. This reduces both server power consumption and page load time.
  • Optimization of page linking by ensuring that each page is linked to the others via logical links and adapted anchors.
  • Removal of unused modules and applications to avoid security issues and unnecessary overhead
  • Combine stylesheets and javascript in the same place to lighten the load
  • Check / optimize the use of title and text tags. (H1, H2, H3, p, etc)

Optimizing the structure and content of your site is the first step in a successful natural referencing for a hotel structure. This includes both reading and analyzing the behavior of your pages in the visible part (the content) as in the “hidden” part (code).

This technical task requires advanced technical skills and occurs periodically, as more content is added to the website. From page loading time to the relevance of the words used, everything weighs in the secret balance of Google SEO for your hotel restaurant / tourist structure!

The optimization of referencing “outside” your website corresponds to the actions that will be carried out to make people talk about you on the web. A link on the web acts like a vote in the eyes of search engines. An increase in the number of links is therefore equivalent to an increase in your visibility, provided that the sites which “talk about you” and that the keywords being grafted there are also reliable and relevant! A link set up from a small website will not have the same value in the eyes of Google as a link link set up from an important, highly referenced site.

Hotel Web-Design, due to its specialization in the hotel and catering industry has accumulated, over the years, an important natural referencing for this sector of activity. Thus, you may have accessed this page by typing “ hotel referral ” on a search engine. Some of this meaningful SEO is automatically passed on to our customers when adding links from this site to theirs. This is a very important asset for a newly created site.

Optimizing inbound links to your site is therefore a recipe that must be carefully prepared and measured so that the referencing of your hotel or restaurant is up to expectations.



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