“A combination of targeted and thoughtful actions to positively affect the final ranking on search engines.”

SEO is an art that evolves over the years with the changes that major search engines bring to their tools. Whether it concerns a tourism website already created or a site that will soon be put online, the effects of ranking actions are generally only seen after several weeks or even a few months.SEO consists of two distinct parts:



Qu'est ce que c'est?

Optimizing the structure and content of your tourisn hotel or restaurant website is the first step in successful SEO for a tourism structure. This includes reading and analyzing the behavior of your pages both in the visible part (the content) and in the “hidden” part (code).

This technical task is done once but requires increased technical skills. From the loading time of the pages to the relevance of the words used, everything weighs in the secret Google balance!

Link Building SEO


What is it?

The SEO optimization “outside” of your website are all the actions that will be conducted to make you popular on the web. A link to your website from another on the web acts as a vote for search engines. An increase in the number of links is therefore equivalent to an increase in your visibility, considering  that the sites that “talk about you” are reliable and relevant to your business domain!

The optimization of incoming links to your site is a recipe that is performed on the mid to long term and which must be carefully prepared and metered for the result to meet expectations.