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Synchronized, non-commissioned hotel reservations engine & amp; accommodation facilities


Hotel web-design supports you in setting up your non-commissioned and synchronized booking engine for your hotel establishment. The websites we create for our clients who manage accommodation structures host booking engines that fall into two distinct categories:

    • The “internal” reservations engine: it’s an independent reservations engine , integrated into the heart of the site and not commissioned. (Excluding any charges applicable by the bank.) This internal engine will automatically synchronize with your,,, (…) calendars so as not to obtain duplicate reservations. The management of your rooms, availability, rates, seasonality, deposits, special offers, invoicing (…) is done from the user interface of the website that we create for you. The site and the engine are independent from Hotel Web-Design: once the site is created and you have control over the interface, you have no obligation to continue working with us. However, we will offer to accompany you on maintenance / support / hosting packages. Example:
      Discover the booking engine


  • The “external” reservation engines : these are the reservation modules developed by companies such as Reservit or Availpro (D-Edge), WuBook, Hotel Spider, Mister Booking, etc. The module developed by this service provider is integrated on the site that we create for you. Once the button or module is clicked, it redirects to the site of your service provider in question, which takes charge of the customer and converts him on his platform, “outside” of the site. Example: Château Hotel 4 * La Villa Morelia , Availpro integration via fixed button at the top of the page. the Hôtel Mir , Reservit integration via banner (home page) and widget (internal pages).

The systematic use of a SSL certificate – HTTPS protocol on all the sites that we create allows to encrypt exchanges between visitors to your website and server, thus ensuring total security.

Contact us to talk about your project to integrate a synchronized reservations module for your hotel or for the integration of your “external” reservation module

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Intuitive and uncluttered presentation
Live display of availability
Product description
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The “internal” booking engine

  • 100% secure
  • Not commissioned!
  • Search engine optimized (SEO)
  • Automatically synchronizes with your offers on, Trip-Advisor,, Airbnb …
  • Very easy opening, closing and price adjustment via the site interface
  • Automatic sending of invoices, reminders
  • Gateway with the main French banks
  • Scalable
  • Multilingual