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Examples of sites

We have gathered below some examples of well-designed restaurant sites, with modern graphics, optimized code. Click on the image to access the restaurant’s website. Many of these sites are creations of Hotel Web-Design. Check out our portfolio to inspire you a little more!

“Vins d’Auteurs” bar and table

  • One page site
  • Dark graphics with wine reflections
  • Social media links
  • Offer ” Pack Restaurant Vitrine ” Hotel Web-Design
  • Discover the site

  “The Good Game” Bar

“Le Moulin de Ponceau” Restaurant

 “Les saisons” Restaurant

“Vendée” Bed and Breakfast

  • Very visual interface
  • Strong presence of photos
  • Offer ” Pack Restaurant Pro ” Hotel Web-Design
  • Discover the site

Auberge d’Uzès

Miramar Restaurant

  • Original presentation
  • Very personalized colors and fonts
  • Gourmet restaurant
  • The website

Villa Morelia

The creation of sites for restaurants and hotels is the core business of our company. The restaurant website examples above can be set up in no time with Hotel Web-Design!

Internet sites for restaurants: ergonomics and graphics!

Some web designers prefer to focus on a welcoming and pleasant graphic part, while others prefer it to be pure utility. An ideal restaurant website must combine these two aspects, with both pleasant graphics and great ergonomics. A failure in one of these aspects can have a great influence on the online visibility of the restaurant, on its reservations.

A restaurant website must include information that can be reached quickly, either via the menu bar or at the bottom of the page. The information to be integrated into a restaurant site is manifold. The following must be included:

  • The restaurant menu
  • Opening hours
  • The exact location
  • A reservation or contact module

In addition, the integration of customer reviews of the restaurant is recommended but not imperative.

The importance of photos for a restaurant website

The web world is constantly on the move, and the sites we made yesterday have nothing to do with those of today. Previously, information took precedence over ergonomics. Web-Design strictly speaking did not exist or hardly existed, the interest being only to convey information. The visitor is today drowned in information. This one is disparate and very widely available. It has therefore become essential to instantly capture the attention of the visitor thanks to a fluid, pleasant interface and in the case of a restaurant, literally appetizer! Pleasant, clear, tempting photos become essential to create envy and keep the user on the site.